All About Me

 I figure I should let my readers know a little more about who I am... So far, my blog have been a little 'unpersonal' and I would like you guys to be able to really understand a bit more about who I am! Let me first present myself, my name is Marie-Claude, and I am from the beautiful city of Montréal, in Canada. I guess you can tell by my name that I am French Canadian! English is actually my 2nd language, so please forgive my mistakes sometimes! I ain't perfect after all! I was born on October 4th 1983, which makes me a 26 years old Libra. I'm currently single, with no boyfriend and no kids. I live on my own, in a nice little appartment in the suburb of Montréal. Some would say that I am free, but I do have a full time job as a banker! I basically am taking care of small businesses account. I used to work in the travel industry, but it was really unstable, and underpaid, I have decide to change career. I have now been working at the bank for a year, and I must say, I really enjoy what I do!

When not working, I am attached to my computer! I honestly am completely addicted to digiscrapping. I have been doing that for a little over a year now. I. Just. Can't. Get. Enough. Of. It. Seriously! I really like it, it makes the creative side of my brain working! I wish I could learn how to use Photoshop. Because I am currently using a program called Studio-Scrap, which is fantastic... But I am really limited about what I can do with it. It is perfect for a new digiscrapper! I recommend you check it out if you are a newbie and feels a little lost with the whole idea of digiscrapping. This program makes it really easy and simple to learn for everyone! 

I do have a lot of other passions though. I am a junkie when it comes to hockey, cooking, reading, writing, Cirque du Soleil, reality shows, the Olympics, True Blood and Twilight. I don't think I could live happy if I wouldn't have any of those! I really enjoy going to the movie theater, and play a little bit of WII. I do believe that the greatest simple pleasure in life is having a good home cooked meal, with one (or two!) bottle of wine, with a bunch of friends.

 I just LOVE to travel. I honestly think that traveling is the best way for someone to grow, learn about life and all its different culture. There are so many beauties out there, I simply don't understand someone that could live their life without exploring the world. I swear, the first thing I do if I ever win the lottery: I travel the world. I take a year (or more!) for myself, I take off and just leave! I am planning a couple of trips in the next years to come. I might be going back to Germany in 2011 (I've been there in 2002) to see their famous Christmas Market. There's nothing set in stone yet, as we never know what can happen until then! And I will be doing a trip of a lifetime in 2013 when I'll go and visit Russia and Czech Republic. Crossing my fingers that everything goes according to plan! I wish I would be able to travel more often, but I will not complain! I am already blessed to be able to travel, I understand not everyone has that chance!

If I had to describe myself in only one phrase, I'd say: 

 Just a simple girl, with the biggest dreams.