Friday, January 15, 2010

New Kit by Manda

Hey guys!
So a bunch of release this week for my CTs! Here is a kit from Manda's Scrappin' Creations called Cookie Monster. This one is ADORABLE. If you have picture of your kid getting his/her hands in the cookie jar... It's perfect for you! But if, like me, you do now own any of these picture, well you can just go with the Monster theme instead of the cookie! So there are a lot of opportunities with this kit, so grab it at her store while it's on sale... That's right! Remember, Manda's is having a sale in her store over at ESS for her grand opening. There is still 10 days left for the sale! Make sure you have a look, she has amazing kits and some BEAUTIFUL WAs.
See ya!
Mycau =)

Click on the flyer to get to her blog and enter her little contest!

Click on preview to purchase from her store!


  1. LOVE your layout Mycau! You captured the other side to this kit! Thank you so much for being on my team! :D

  2. it's goodsight niseee