Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please, help the ones in need...

Hey guys!
I need to talk to you about something that is close to my heart. It makes me feel so sad to see what has been happening down in Haiti. Being from Montréal, the Haitian community is very large around here, and I myself have a lot of Haitian friends. This cause is important to me, as one of my friend is currently still waiting to hear some news from family members. A co-worker just found out today that his brother survived, but unfortunately lost a couple of family members in the tragedy. So in their name, here I am asking you to take a minute of your time, and take 10$ out of your pocket for the people in need down there! It is important. United we stand, divided we fall... This entire country is falling appart, and without our help, I really can't imagine them going through this. Millions of funds have already been donated from across the globe, but it still isn't enough. How many of you are watching the news thinking how terrible it is and that you feel bad not being able to do anything? Well, you guys are wrong. You CAN do something. And to encourage you scrapper to donate, there is one generous designer that will be taking your Red Cross receipt and provide you with a gift certificate to purchase anything from her store. And you can even double up your impact... The Government of Canada will match dollar for dollar the contributions of individual Canadians to eligible organizations. I would like to thank you, on behalf of my Haitian friends for all your support. And if you are not convinced yet or have not donated still... I will leave you with this:

A 5 years old kid came back from Haiti today, he arrived in Montreal at the airport and was asked how he felt about coming back here. Obviously his answer was that he was happy, but he also added: 'I have never seen such a thing in my ENTIRE life...'

Poor kid. He has no idea that he have seen way too much already...

Visit the Red-Cross here
Visit DST for all details on that offer by Tiffany

Mycau =)

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