Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Footprints in the Sand...

Hey everyone!
This new release just comes at a PERFECT time... Let me tell ya, it's getting freakin' HOT in Montreal. We are beating so heat record... Normally at the end of May, we would normally have a temperature of around 18-20 Celsius degrees. Since last week, it's been WAY over that. With the humidity, because it is REALLY humid around here, we can feel the 37-38 Celsius degrees. We won't complain though... The winter has been rough! LOL
So with all the heat and sun, I needed a beachy kit... And honestly, I have THE cutest thing ever to show you today! It is called Footprints in the Sand and was created by Rachel, from Captivated Visions. The kit has the cutest elements and papers! You'll love this kit for all your beaches LOs. It is offered as a grab bag, for a ridiculous price... Make sure you check it out... You'll be loving it!
And the LO I did with it is quite important to me. One year ago, I got to travel to Mexico with my mother. And we had the greatest time together and I do believe it helped our bond to grow stronger. The best thing we did was probably our walk on the beach... She allowed me to take some shots of her, which she normally never lets me... And I realized then how beautiful and strong this woman was. I am more than proud to say that she is my mother. She is in peace with herself, and I can not wait to grow old like her! She is the best role model I could have!
Alright, enough rambling! Here's what you have been waiting for!
See ya!
Mycau =)

Click on preview to purchase from her store!

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