Sunday, June 27, 2010

If you can't beat them...

Honestly, am I the only person on the planet that have had enough of the FIFA WorldCup?! Ok, I know, it's on once every 4 years so I should suck it in and stop complaining about it. But you know what?! I don't understand soccer (or I should say football!). There is a bunch of dude, on a large green field, running around like a bunch of chickens with no heads, that are faking injuries. What's the point?! AND they score once every 2 games! Tell me, WHY is there a goalie in front of the net?! Take him out, we'll have at least the chance of having games that the final score is not 0-0 or 1-0. My Spanish friend say I don't understand... Maybe I don't. And then he tells me: "It's part of who we are. It's our culture. It's our religion." Than it clicks... Yes. I do understand. These are the words that are coming out of my mouth when I'm speaking of hockey. Hockey is MY religion. It's part of MY culture. It's what I grew up in. It all makes sense. Whether it is hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball... A sport it a sport. And a sport event such as the NHL Playoffs, or the Fifa WorldCup, brings people together. That's what's great about sports. It will bring people together. So I take back my words... I haven't had enough of the FIFA WorldCup. Because it brings people together, and that's what's magical about it. Too bad Canada isn't represented in that tournament... But let me go ahead and cheer for Portugal! Why Portugal?! Just because me and my Spanish friend will have a blast arguing over the next week about who's going to win it! Spain vs. Portugal. June 29th! =)

"If you can't beat them... Join them!"

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