Sunday, July 11, 2010

And she's back!

Ok. I do apologize for not posting anything since Tuesday. But let me explain... We've been having the most discusting weather in Montréal, and let me tell you... I was way too lazy to do anything. It's been CRAZY hot and humid here. We actually had the hottest heat wave in history... The weather was anywhere between 105-115 all week, including humidex. And guess what?! I don't have A/C in my small little apartment... And I'm on the 4th floor. So I wasn't really productive! Now it's a little better, we actually had crazy thunderstorm on Friday... There was so much rain!! It chilled the air a little and it's now much more comfortable! I was planning on cooking this week, but again... I ate salad all week, I didn't want to start the oven... So hopefully I'll get to cook this week and show you some pictures and share my recipes! We'll see how it goes!

Alright, enough rambling... There IS a reason why I am posting right now! Rachel from Captivated Visions has released a beautiful kit this week-end! Remember her "In His Teens" Grab a bag?!

Well, for this Gotta Grab It sale by Gotta Pixel, she actually made the girlie version of this kit... That's right! In Her Teens has now hit the store and is ready for you to use! You should hurry, since every part of it is currently available for only 1$! And be sure to check the other designer's matching kits!

When you want something in life, you just GOTTA reach out and GRAB IT.
-Quote from Into The Wild movie

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