Saturday, July 17, 2010

Home Made Chicken Pad Tai!

Ok, I promessed a recipe for the longest time now. Here it is! LOL I am sorry it took so long, I lost my USB wire to upload pictures on my computer. My step father had 3, so luckily he was able to give me one! So finally, I can stick to my words!

This week, I really didn't want to get TOO involved in the kitchen, as it is still VERY hot. However, a girl needs to eat! So I decided to make that simple Chicken Pad Tai recipe. It really is so simple fast, yet very yummy!

What you need:
Chicken- I'll let you be the judge on how much chicken you need. Of course, it'll all depends on how many people you've got to feed! Slice your chicken into bite size pieces.
Asian Stir-Fry Veggies- I normally buy the frozen ones. Considering I am alone, it just makes it that easier for me. If you prefer fresh veggies, I recommend you have brocoli, onions, green peas, carrots, mini corns and water chestnut.
Fettucini or rice noodle.
1 Egg
1 enveloppe of ClubHouse Pad Thai Seasoning Mix.

Optional: chopped peanuts, grated ginger, sesame seed,

What to do:
First, boil some water to cook your noodle. While the noodles are cooking, cook your chicken in a little bit of oil. Once your chicken is grilled a little, put it aside in your pan. Add your egg and scramble it. Once your egg is cooked, add all your vegetables and mix it all together. Let it cook by mixing it often for a couple of minutes, until your chicken is ready. Add your ClubHouse seasoning mix with 1 cup of water (add also your ginger if you decided to use any!). Let it sit there, covered, for about 5 minutes. By now, your noodles should be ready! Dump your noodles in your pan, mix it well, add your peanuts and/or sesame seeds... And you are ready to eat!

FYI- This meal will even be better the next day, as the noodles rest in the sauce, they will get more flavor!

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