Saturday, July 3, 2010

TGIF... Which means New Release at Scrapable!

Are you ready?! I have some crazy stuff to show you this week! All of the kits below were just released today at Scrapable! Make sure you check the store out, as we have new designers that have joined the team recently! And one of them is Valentina's Creations! I swear, her kit is totally out of this world! I really love how different it is from everything else currently in the store! It's like a breathe of fresh air and I totally enjoy it!

Second, I have not only one, but two new releases from Scrapshana. They are both totally gorgeous, and I really enjoyed working with both of them! Shana is improving week after week with her designs, and there will be another one that will be released pretty soon, so stay tune!

Next is the cutest kit ever, called Hello Sunshine brought to you by the one and only TheOkieToothFairy. She doesn't make a lot of kits, but when she does... I am always blown away by her talent! You will find the most gorgeous and cutest goodies in there! Be sure to check it out! Oh and by the way... The preview doesn't do it justice, trust me!! It is fabulous!

And finally, the best is for last! Scrapable's designers are really proud to release their monthly mega collab kit for July, title Day Dram of Summer. Scrapable have some great designers, with a lot of talent, and it always show in the monthly collab. This one is no different! The colours are stunning! It will be perfect for both girlie and boyish LOs. Grab it, and while you're at it, why not participate in Scrapable's challenge?! We have the best in town!! Gaining points is so easy, and after 20... You get a gift certificate to the store! Come and join the fun!

"Finally the weekend's come and everything is goin' down. Nine to five and now it's time for me to get around!"
-R. Kelly

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