Friday, February 19, 2010

Guess who's back!

Hey guys!
I am back from my little escape! We had a blast, even though we didn't do that much... LOL. It's not the best time to go on a road trip, it is winter after all and there isn't that much to do or see so we did a lot of road! But we had fun, and that's what's important!
Alright, enough said... I have been really busy playing catch up with all my CT duties. I was able to make that LO on time for Mimi's new release! Her kit is called Douceur Naturelle (Natural Softness) and it is truly beautiful. The colors are amazing, and there are many different sort of elements you can use to create all kind of stylish pages!
And I will be back shortly with tons of other LOs I did for Scrapable!
See ya!
Mycau =)

Click on preview to purchase from her store!

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