Friday, July 23, 2010

Chasing Harry Winston!

I have been reading this book this week by Lauren Weisberger, title Chasing Harry Winston. I. Am. Loving. It! I am almost done, and I started it last Sunday! I really like these girlie type of books! Shopping, men, friendships... And Weisberger's book is just PERFECT for my taste!

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Meet Adriana, Emmy and Leigh, 3 girlfriends that desperately need some changes in each of their life! Adriana, the sexy bresilian, needs to stop sleeping with every men she finds attractive. She needs to grow up a little, and realize that sex and money isn't the only answer in life! Emmy is the complete opposite! Relationships after relationships, she had enough of it. Emmy should stop dating for a little while and have a bit of fun! Follow her adventures, while she travels over the world looking for some men to help her accomplish her goal: having sex with no strings attached! Last but not least, Leigh, the one who's life is perfect the way it is. According to her friends. But what's perfect about being a workaholic, stuck in a relationship that don't make her happy like it should?! Leigh will need to find herself, and follow her heart, once and for all...

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